Wednesday, December 2, 2015

There's Always An Alternative

My Natural Therapist has been working on my sinuses and neck glands
 the past couple of weeks.
I have had a chronic sinus condition since I was a kid.
In the 80's they got a lot better when another 'natural therapist'
suggested I give up all dairy products.
I did. And what a difference it made for me.

I still get flair-ups and if I get a head out!! 

So our NT started acupuncture today as well as 'cupping'.
There I was lying on the MOST COMFORTABLE
table ever, with a heated mattress for about 30 minutes....
with soothing music playing in the background.
I thought I was in heaven!
I WAS...for 30 minutes.

Can't wait to go back next week!

Have you ever tried 'alternative therapies'?
And if so which ones?

Lamplight at dusk yesterday near Lake Banook, Dartmouth.


  1. I have tried homeopathic treatment ( no good for me) Reiki, possible, and acupuncture, the first doctor was a marvel, he had learnt in China, still had the same black box with all the leads, and his comment, way back in 1986 (!!!!) Was, " You look like a porcupine" and so I did with 13 needles with their leads, from head to foot. We were on holiday in the SDouth Island for a year, and had stopped near Queenstown for a few weeks. Sadly Dr Pat Farry died suddenly a few years ago, and the Queenstown and Central Otago communities had a huge loss. I remember you so well. Love your lamplight photo, mystical and magical.

    1. Hi Jean. We have taken homeopathic remedies for years now and still do.....always have a stash ready for the winter colds and flu. And they work for us most of the time.
      I have had acupuncture as far back as 1980 in Vancouver for my sinuses. It didn't work then,,,,,until I gave up dairy products in the mid 80's.
      Yes, what a loss for the Queenstown/Otago areas. A good doctor is hard to find.
      Enjoying summer days and nights I hope!

  2. I never have tried natural therapies -- professionally, at least. I've known so many people who have had success using acupuncture to treat different ailments.

    1. Really, Mitch?
      I was a bit skeptical at first with our present one but eventually came around when I better understood her technique.....which is based on energy healing.
      I was always allergic, (read...repulsed) since a wee lad, to eggs in any shape or form. A few years ago, maybe five, I visited our NT and she did her energy work and presto! I have an egg everyday now and don't mind the smell of them at all.
      One has to believe in it and go into the experience with an open mind. It doesn't always 'work' but either does the traditional way in some cases.

  3. Never tried any myself, although I hear good things about acupuncture.

    1. And may you never have to, Debra.
      Always good to know that sometimes there are good alternatives out there that can go hand in hand with traditional medicine.

  4. I have the same problem, and mine are really bad again too-I was just remembering that I should give up dairy for awhile. years and years ago when my husband lived in Chicago he was using a Chinese accupuncturists and he loved it sadly my insurance here has never paid for alternative healthcare otherwise we would use that instead

    1. I do better with herbal and homeopathic medicines so for me I do that on my own and works pretty well

    2. Kathy, I have had a lot of good results from homeopathic meds over the years.
      Luckily we are cover for acupuncture with our insurance.

  5. You name it, I've had it, Jim! Would rather try natural therapies than pharmaceuticals Even my dog got acupuncture treatments! I I use homeopathy often if I have certain aches and pains. Good Luck with your sinus problems. My friend has had luck with with cupping and needles.

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