Friday, December 11, 2015

Deck The Halls

The Christmas Holiday Season is fast approaching!!
I LOVE shopping online. I don't like department stores any time of the year
let alone Christmas time.
I have most of my shopping done.......just a bit more to do,
like ordering our Christmas dinner pie.
this is not a sweet dessert pie but a complete Christmas dinner in pie shells.
It has the obligatory turkey, squash, carrots, onions, greens and dressing.
Sounds mushy but not at all. We add other vegetables on the side.
It has become a tradition of sorts for over 10 years now.

I still have to pick up something for my father.
What does one buy a 99 year old man
who has pretty much everything he will ever need?
I will figure that out soon as I do every year.

OK. If you celebrate Christmas, are you ready for it?
What is one of your traditions at this time of year?


  1. Good morning Jim…. A tradition that I keep up in my family relates to Leicestershire, where I was born and brought up. We always have pork pie for breakfast on Xmas morning, with brown bread and butter and Branston pickle. Look up "Melton Mowbray pork pie" on wikipedia if you are not familiar with these pies! Delicious they are!
    On another subject, local radio is talking about the explosion at Buncefield depot in Hemel Hempsted that occurred 10 years ago today. Luckily it was at 6.01am on a Sunday morning and miraculously no one died..not even a man who was filling a petrol tanker 100 metres from the blast. The noise was apparently heard in Netherlands and it measured 2.3 on the Richter scale! (It reminds me of the explosion in Halifax that I read a novel about some years ago.) We live about 5 miles away from Hemel, and for some reason I woke a moment before I heard the huge bang. There was a huge pall of smoke for several days drifting over the area. The industrial area nearby was destroyed lucky that it was a Sunday so no one there in the offices etc.

    1. WOW! Frances, how lucky all were to not be there on a Sunday!! Sounded terrible.
      yes, we just celebrated (?) the anniversary of the Halifax Explosion this past week.....99 years ago.

  2. I love one-pot dinners and that includes -- especially -- one-pie dinners. We so far aren't even decorating for Christmas this year. Fortunately, we've invited out for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we won't go completely Ebeneezer. I hate shopping during the Christmas season, but I love Christmas sales.

    1. We don't go overboard with decorating any more either, Mitchell. Our Christmases are usually very quiet (read NICE) and relaxing now since Ron's mother passed.
      Yes, these one-pot meals are perfectly fine by me too.
      Sounds like good times ahead for you two.

  3. That Christmas Dinner pie sounds VERY intriguing! Does a local shop make them?

    1. Debra, there is a gourmet food/bakery on Spring Garden Road in Halifax (in the same area as the Lord Nelson Hotel). It is operated by a woman who used to attend Ron's fitness classes back in the 90's. Anywho.....she makes the BEST things! One of which is this Christmas pie. One has to order them in advance as they are very popular. Her 'Tourtiere pie' (Acadian meat pie) is to DIE for. We get 2 of these as well. I can't wait!!

  4. I've never heard of a Christmas pie Jim, that sounds like something we'd like. does your local butcher make it up for you? Please post a photo so I can see what it's like. We're having a Turkey crown this year (all white boneless meat, no waste). It's our first turkey for many years after having beef and chicken for the last few years. Like you, I shop online - much easier, better prices and easier to get hard to find items! My big plans for Christmas involve getting it over as soon as possible! I like it when it's over!

    1. Hi Craig. As I said above to Debra, these are made by Margaret who owns this place called, Bonne Cuisine. And as chance would have have it, I am pretty sure she is from Scotland!! Go figure!
      I will forward a photo of it if I remember to do so (lol). Your Turkey Crown sounds very good as well. We can get those in the city as well.
      I know what you mean about getting it all over with.....time to relax and veg!

  5. That Christmas dinner pie sounds so good, Jim! A friend of my husband's invited us to dinner one time around the holidays, and we were served the best dinner pie I've ever had in my life. It was also ordered from a small, local business. Absolutely delicious!

  6. this is a strange xmas for me. i have not baked one single thing and i usually bake over 1500 cookies. it is going to be almost 75 degrees here this weekend so it doesn't feel like xmas at all. i've decorated but not much else. we always have raclette on xmas morning.

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