Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Mail Must Go Through

When we lived in the city we had our mail delivered to our house.

Living out in the 'country' now, we get our mail from 
a 'community mailbox'.

We don't have to walk very far either. 
So when Sophie gets a chance to come along
she is beyond she is about everything!

Very icy the other day as Sophie watches for any neighbourhood dogs.

I heard just yesterday that the cities across Canada may eventually 
lose their home delivery service by Canada Post
and have these 'community mailboxes' too.
People are not happy about this.


  1. I cannot imagine the magic of walking in snow to collect your mail, exciting beyond my dreams!!! Hope the box had letters in it for you. Cheers from Jean

  2. It's nice that going to get the mail makes Sophie happy. When I was very young, we lived in a small town that had no mail delivery. We her to go to the post office to pick up our mail.


  3. I hope you found some good stuff in the mailbox, Jim. Home delivery won't be around much longer. People won't be happy about it at first, but they'll get used to it.

  4. It will be tough for the elderly and the disabled. The rest of us will manage. When I was a kid in a one-horse prairie town, everyone had to go to the central post office downtown every day to pick up their mail. So now we'll come full circle again.

  5. Sweden has community mailboxes in the countryside, but not in the cities.

  6. The United States Postal system is also struggling right now. It seems things are not going well for tem at all. I keep reading so many posts about how people hate the post office. I absolutely understand that this time of year is the craziest for all the people who are delivering packages.

  7. perhaps do to the amount of people now that it makes deliveries more difficult the rural areas like mine in the us are beginning to lose our post offices. for many of us including ours for now we still have a post office but it is only open for a few hours each day. it will be very difficult for us if we end up losing our post office all together-as we would have to travel over 30 minutes each way to mail our packages-I won't be happy if that happens

  8. I hate navigating the the icy driveway to our curbside mailbox to find only junk mail.

  9. Been a bit, :O). Hope all is well at ya'lls end of the world :O)...

    They were going stop Saturday mail delivery here, but I guess they have changed their minds as we are still getting mail on Saturdays.

  10. Haven't had anything but a community box since I moved here 19 years ago. Back then it was quite rural but has built up considerably. As more people came, no one seemed to mind.
    Pugsley however, despises trips to the post box. Says it bores him. He'd rather smell the sign post to check his peemail.

  11. we recently had those installed here, I don't mind since the mail is locked up and mail theft is a huge problem in this state. My hubby has been working mail charters all week and is plum worn out. Very busy, cranky people too! Our mail system is thinking of dropping Saturday mail and every other Wednesday also to cut down on costs. I guess no one mails letters anymore, just bills!

  12. I've been living in small towns for some time and as far as I can remember, any new residential areas built at least by 1998 (the only house I remember getting the mail at) had community mail boxes.
    The house I'm in now also has a community mail box. Thankfully, I'm on the corner and I only have to walk a few yards to pick up my junk mail LOL

  13. Our mail comes to a mailbox at the end of our lane-- but packages are brought to our door. I'm just not sure I'd like the community mailbox idea--- change is never easy.

  14. We still have our home delivery, Jim! I'd hate to lose it! You are a master of capturing rich light!


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