Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Past

Christmas.....can't live with it, can't live without it!!

It is such an emotional time for a lot of people.
There are so many expectations coming from all directions
as most people just give in and go along with the mob.

Ron and I have been simplifying the whole 'Christmas Thing'
for the past few years, attempting to get back to those early years in
our relationship in Vancouver.

We moved there after we had sold everything we owned. We left our jobs.
 Our camper van became our home for the next six months.

The old fuzzy photo below shows Ron and I Christmas Day 1979 in our 'flat' in Vancouver.
We were 'poor', no full-time jobs. But,
we were happy!

We made that sofa/sectional which served as our chairs for 
that coffee table we also made......from discarded lumber that our landlord
upstairs threw out after renovating his flat.

This was also our first time away from our respective families for Christmas.
We started our own traditions that year.

Actually I like the idea of Christmas....that being, time spent with family and friends.

Too bad it has turned into a huge commercial money-grab.
Some people find it just too much and can hardly wait for it all to be over.

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