Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Surprise At work!

After brunch this past Saturday , 
Ron and I dropped by to visit our sister Mim who works nearby.

Mim (Mary) is a make-up artist and just started at this new shop in town.
We got the 'royal tour' and a few helpful hints about skin-care
for the coming cold winter months ahead.

But the BEST thing about seeing Mim
is this smile!!


  1. Mim is fabulous and what a wonderful smile!
    (Yah, I know, I am still awake...)

  2. Replies
    1. Debra, even as a baby she had this incredible smile....there's 12 years between us but this has never gotten in the way.

  3. Hi Jim!
    Finally a quiet morning at home with nothing I have to do right away! I've been savoring yours and Ron's recent posts. You've had many amazing photos up! I loved the low tide tributaries and the rocks in the water, the colorful Halifax houses and the vivd harbor containers, and that adorable Scottie! I used to have one named MacBeath.

    Your last two Pema posts were very meaningful ~ Thanks for putting them up! I keep trying to be present, so I was relieved to learn that three breaths can be enough. I think I was in the endurance race category!

    As for wide-eyed curiosity, I have always considered that quality to be one of my greatest gifts in this life, and something I am very grateful for. Mom would have said my "sparkly, wide-eyed curiosity." I meet people all the time who wouldn't deign to be impressed by the wonderful world all around them. They take a blasé, bored stance where nothing can produce wide-eyes. I always think "How sad!" It's not the big moments in life that are all important. It's the many, many minor moments that make up your life that are most important. And there is beauty, joy, and wonder everywhere. It's those things that get you through the rough patches.

    And Mim's smile is infectious and radiant! Lord, maybe she could help me with makeup! I'm hopeless! I'd love to know how to put on false eyelashes ~ among other things!

    Thanks for all the pleasure and joy you bring to my life.

  4. Mim is almost as beautiful as Sophie.


  5. What a beautiful smile she has. I read the post below too and found myself wishing Sophie wasn't so far away. How fun it would be to meet up with her in person.

  6. She looks like someone who likes to have fun - and her smile IS lovely!

  7. Mim has such a lovely smile, and amazing glasses!


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