Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Window Shopping In The Hydrostone

The winner of my 'Give-Away' Billboards was John D. from Australia!!!!

John has a wonderful and informative blog called Tok Tok Place, check him out and you'll learn a thing or two about the land 'down under'.


The Hydrostone is a 'go to' place to shop and eat in Halifax.

It used to be a working-class area in the north end of the city where only 'northenders' would venture.

I grew up in this area and am amazed at it's transformation.

In the 50's and 60's these shops were what every neighbourhood

needed at the time: a laundromat, a dry-cleaners, a drugs store,

Who's that man in the window!

a grocery store, and a hardware store, C.Russell Isnors to be exact! Oh  yes, and the best pizza shop in town called Salvatore's.

The buildings are all intact just as they were, but with an assortment

of fine eateries, a spa, a wool /yarn shop, a bakery, and a couple

of 'gift shops' like the one above that was stock full of colourful things.

People now come from all over the city to this part of town.

If we ever moved back to the city, this area would be at the top of our list.....it would be like 'going home' in a way.

Hey, there's that guy again!

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