Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Forcing Spring In Nova Scotia

Last week I pruned the cherry tree.

It is not the ideal time to prune because you end up cutting off a lot of the blossom buds.

The tree is about 20 years old now and was getting too big for where it is.

Plus, I find this is a good time to prune as you can 'see' the structure of the tree.

I want it to be a reachable height and have kept it such.

I took a lot off of it and ended up with a bunch of branches of varying lengths

with lots of blossom buds on them.

I trimmed them down into manageable lengths and brought them inside to bloom. They have already doubled in size.

Ordinarily they don't bloom till sometime in May. We should have a room full of the scent of cherry blossoms  in about a week or two. 

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