Saturday, April 7, 2012

Retro Saturday

This is what the province of Nova Scotia looks like when covered in it's tartan!

And this is a bag-piper in full regalia wearing Nova Scotia tartan.

The guy in the middle playing drums, Gerry, was a good friend in elementary school.

If you click on this link you will see how seriously our tartan is taken in Nova Scotia:

The Festival of the Tartans is serious business here!

It's obvious to all that visit Nova Scotia that a lot of us have Scottish ancestry and are very proud of that fact!

My mother was a MacIsaac and her mother was a MacDonald. I must admit that I am more partial to the MacDonald tartan than the Nova Scotia tartan. I think it could be interpreted as heresy to make a switch like that!  

Macdonald of Donald modern colors registered 1810
The Clan Donald tartan.

The MacIsaac's  do not have a tartan of their own but were given permission by the MacDonald's to adopt their tartan as a gift for helping them fight the Campbells.....way back when!!

So a little bit of history about 'tartan' here in Nova Scotia. Just an introduction to acquaint you with it should you enter and win my giveaway, because there is some Nova Scotia tartan included!

Easy to enter and have some fun at the same time. Click on the 'link' at the top left corner of  this post that says 'Giveaway'. Good luck!

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