Saturday, April 14, 2012

Retro Saturday

This is the last installment for my 'Give-Away' contest which ends next weekend. So, if you haven't already, now's your chance to use that imagination of yours and enter the contest.

Today's feature is the AMOS PEWTER  (click) company. They have been making things from pewter since the mid 1970's here in Nova Scotia.

Where they are located on the south shore of Nova Scotia in Mahone Bay is quite special. 

It is a very picturesque little village nestled around a bay. It is a destination, in the summertime, for locals and tourists alike.

Autumnal colours at Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

So in this very inspirational setting AMOS PEWTER is made. And you could have a piece of this work for your own if you 'create' a story/limerick/poem using the 'billboards' as your source of inspiration.

So to get started, CLICK have ONE MORE WEEK!


  1. We have a cute little town nearby that has three churches in a row like that one shown above too.
    Funny thing about them is they are name St.Peter, St.Paul and St.Mary. (It's true, I'm not making that up and they are in that order too)
    I'm still putting the final touches on my entry.

  2. I lived in Toronto for a while and really wished I had have made it to see Nova Scotia before heading back to Australia- all the photos I see of it are amazing.

  3. Looks beautiful. What a quaint area. A perfect place to get away from it all!

  4. Lovely, lovely place!

    Pewter... I have 3 bricks in my craft cabinet, I had such lovely ideas for them and then it was suggested that I would probably burn myself because of shaky hands. I had to agree. So they sit there for me to look at. I can't let go of the desire, maybe someday someone will make the cabinet knobs that I had wanted to make...

    I hope the night went well!

  5. just why I like reading your blog...lots of gorgeous photos! Your eye for beautiful places just puts me at ease. I could just feel myself wandering around that quaint little town.

    and I'm not sure why the link doesn't work for me, but I think my blogspot is giving me fits!

  6. I love the color of the pewter company building. That last shot is really gorgeous!

  7. If I had had my dad's talent for whipping up a poem, I would have tried it. I love pewter. And that bay is just lovely.

  8. What a spectacular, charming, storybook setting!

  9. What an enchanting place, stunning.

  10. Beautiful buildings -painted such lovely colours -that last photograph is stunning ! have a great weekend xxx

  11. amazing photos. Just think of how blogging has changed our lives...I've never given Nova Scotia a thought until now and I am clamboring to visit!

  12. Wow - what an amazing place. That last shot is so beautiful!


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