Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Moving into the year 2017.......
I remember as a kid thinking how old I'd be in the year 2000.
Now it is 2017.
Embracing this new year.......

These metal butterflies were to rage for some back in the 1980's
and the bane of their existence for others.
They flew into the shop last week. 
I think they'd be great in a garden in a that special place...

A beautiful 'springlike day' at the park last week.....

Looking at clouds through a wire-mesh fence.....

One corner at the shop.....

As I indicated above we have had really nice/warmish weather so far
as can be seen by the tricycle at the park. 
Rest assured as I look out a window here at home (Friday afternoon) 
everything is white! Hello winter!!

A Coastguard patrol vessel returning to base in Halifax Harbour...

Would you believe that this glass building is in another city across a harbour?
It is in Dartmouth which is across the harbour
 from where this shot was taken in Halifax's north end.

Her Majesty Sophie Cuvelier Troke.

In 1917 there was a huge explosion in Halifax Harbour.
Two ships filled with ammunition collided and exploded.
The whole of Halifax's north end was wiped out.
To the rescue comes the city of Boston who funded the building
of a housing project known as the Hydrostone.
This is but one of the nine streets, Livingstone Place.
Each, with the exception of one, has a boulevard with trees.
I grew up just outside this area.

Tennis anyone?

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