Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Moving into the year 2017.......
I remember as a kid thinking how old I'd be in the year 2000.
Now it is 2017.
Embracing this new year.......

These metal butterflies were to rage for some back in the 1980's
and the bane of their existence for others.
They flew into the shop last week. 
I think they'd be great in a garden in a that special place...

A beautiful 'springlike day' at the park last week.....

Looking at clouds through a wire-mesh fence.....

One corner at the shop.....

As I indicated above we have had really nice/warmish weather so far
as can be seen by the tricycle at the park. 
Rest assured as I look out a window here at home (Friday afternoon) 
everything is white! Hello winter!!

A Coastguard patrol vessel returning to base in Halifax Harbour...

Would you believe that this glass building is in another city across a harbour?
It is in Dartmouth which is across the harbour
 from where this shot was taken in Halifax's north end.

Her Majesty Sophie Cuvelier Troke.

In 1917 there was a huge explosion in Halifax Harbour.
Two ships filled with ammunition collided and exploded.
The whole of Halifax's north end was wiped out.
To the rescue comes the city of Boston who funded the building
of a housing project known as the Hydrostone.
This is but one of the nine streets, Livingstone Place.
Each, with the exception of one, has a boulevard with trees.
I grew up just outside this area.

Tennis anyone?


  1. Lovely photo of Sophie. I like what you have done to it!
    It has turned warm again here today......6/7c overnight. I preferred the last few mornings of hard frost to walk the dogs mud free!

    1. Hi Frances, always good to see you!
      Sophie is natural poser and with this one I used an edit called 'posterize'.
      Good to hear you have warm temperatures there. We have had the same up to yesterday. Now we are under 10 inches of snow and a BIG nor'easter heading our way overnight. Winter is here and I actually like it.....fresh and crisp.

  2. The shop looks likes so much fun and Sophie, as always, is picture perfect. I don't remember those butterflies. Maybe I was just too high at the time! I used to do the same thing, imagining how OLD I'd be in 2000. It was hard for me to imagine. Now it's hard to imagine being that YOUNG!

    1. I have a lot of fun setting up the shop and finding things for it, Mitch.
      Some people around here hated those butterflies! People put them on the side of their homes......we stayed clear of them at the time and 30 years later may consider putting them in various locations in the garden (if they don't sell).
      I remember being 12 in 1960 and saying that I would be 52 in the year 2000! Seemed so far in the future!

  3. Yes, when I was a kid, I calculated that I would be 43 in the year 2000 -- so UNIMAGINABLY ANCIENT! Now here I am at 59, wishing I was still 43 -- oh, to be that young again, LOL!

    Gawd yeah, I remember those friggin butterflies too. They were EVERYWHERE.

    1. OH, so you were one of those HATERS!! lol We were too, Debra. Amazing how age (and a shop) can change your outlook,eh?

  4. this is my favorite pic of sophie! 2000 came and went so fast!

    1. Joyce, she is such a 'ham' when she sees a camera! She knows how to 'strike a pose' in seconds!! lol

  5. I didn't know about the explosion in 1917. I just went and looked it up, and also learned of Patrick Vincent Coleman, the railwayman who sent messages to incoming trains, thereby saving lives but he was killed at his post. Brave, courageous man...glad to know of him.
    Happy 2017 to you, by the way! :-)

    1. Hello Kay G. I grew up with hearing that story every year regarding Patrick Coleman. I also grew up hearing and seeing survivors at our church services. I remember one lady used to wear a funny looking hat that also covered the middle of her face. I learned that she was quite young when the 'explosion' hit and her face was severely damaged. The church we went to was just a basement because the top of it was blown off! It wasn't until the early 60's that it was rebuilt. So much part of our culture here in Halifax.

      And a Happy New Year to youn and yours.

  6. If we come to halifax one day, can I do a trolley dash in your shop?

    1. At the present time, no. But maybe by the time you guys come here, there will be service from Halifax to this part of the Eastern Shore.
      But hey, not to worry, John, I would gladly pick you up and take you over to our shore.....nothing is that far in Nova Scotia really.

  7. Nice shots, Jim! I always enjoy a glimpse into your lives. I really like those butterflies. Such a blast from the past! I was only 35 when the year 2000 rolled in. Such a great age!

    1. But you still look SO YOUNG!!
      I like them too, Martha and think they'd be great in a garden....NOT on a house!

  8. Lovely photos this week especially the on of Sophie, I remember those butterflies but did not own any but at this moment in time I think they are lovely time and taste changes and I seem to be going backwards would love to visit your shop
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos have a good week.

    1. Next time you are in town, Margo, give me a call and I will show you around the shops at MacDonald House.
      Sophie is such a good 'subject' to photograph. She always has been from day one.


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