Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Must be winter....mostly indoor shots this week.

We did however have a good hike around Conrad's Beach area this week.
Sophie was beyond happy as this was her fav 'puppy beach'!

Now let's go indoors for a are a few wood-carvings and a couple
of very old dolls at the shop.

Also at the shop is this vintage wood round cheese box.
Someone liked it so much they painted these ducks on it.

Outside for a is a view of one side of this beach.
At the end there is another beach of equal length which
takes you to the river and where it empties into the Atlantic.

I like this little nook created by a brass lamp base and this print
done by an indigenous artist.

The top of the brass lamp and this very old photo print of a boy.......
if any of you recognize him let me know.
I have a feeling he is either George V or George VI as a young child.

Quite the eclectic grouping here!!

Standing alone in the middle of all this crystal is a 'depression glass'
yellow water goblet called 'Wide Panel'.


Looking outside but staying inside.....
a view to the west from the shop.

Pretty certain the original of this print was once
 on a magazine cover back in the 30's.


  1. You've got some wonderful stuff in your shop! As for that "little boy royal," I think I'd put my money on it perhaps being George V's oldest son Prince Edward (who later abdicated the throne as Edward VIII and became the Duke of Windsor). He was staggeringly popular right from birth.

    1. I think you may be correct, actually resemblances him doesn't it.
      Thanks so much.

    2. That would be....." actually resembles him....."

  2. You have the most interesting items in your shop, Jim! I bet people love looking around.

    1. They do, much to see in all 3 shops actually.

  3. Your shop is wonderful, Jim! You have a way of displaying items that makes them inviting. The second to last photo is spectacular! My eyes follow the triad of people from bottom to top and then zigzag back down following the gorgeous lines of wave, sand, and cobbles, round and round. I love it! Have a good one, my friend!

    1. Thanks, Louise. i enjoy setting things up in the shop and rearranging it. Keeps me out of trouble!! lol

  4. Brilliant photography and a wonderful collection at the shop!

  5. Lovely photos this week, Sophie is a star, nice to do some window shopping you shop always looks so welcoming, you have a talent for display I think the last photo was probably on the cover of Vogue, I especially like your photo shot through the window what a view.
    Wishing the three of you a wonderful week ahead.

    1. That she is, Margo! Our bright light!
      Thanks for your input.....I never thought it may have been a Vogue cover.
      A wonderful week to you as well.


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