Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Out n' about  and a busy January in Nova Scotia......

So mild this month that it was not uncommon to see fog come and go.

My 'winter project' this year........a knitted bed spread made of different patterned squares...
I have 400 more to go!! 

At a trail at the park with Sophie.....

Remains of a British fortress in the park.....see, no snow yet this year.

Walking through the heather field at the park on Thursday....

The fog moving in on Wednesday at dusk.....

The entrance to Halifax Harbour.....

Got these 'Asian Peg Dolls' at an auction this week.....

This is one big crane and one of three that moves quite freely
back and forth along this pier......albeit slowly.

These cats looking for a 'forever home' at the shop......

I just acquired this original painting of 'harness racing'.......
love the movement and the colours.
It's called 'Horses of a Different Color'.

OK! I am a 'tree hugger!!

Keeping watch over MacDonald the shop.

This is Steve. Steve is a dog walker in the city and we often meet up with him
and his dogs.....up to 10 at a time.
He is incredible with them. 
They are all off lead and all get along.....or else they will hear from his firm
deep voice.
Sophie respects him. 
She goes up to him when he calls her name and he pats her.
Then she waits for him to throw the ball
and usually gets it first!!
That is important in the dog world, you know! lol

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