Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Imagine Having a Birthday This Time of Year.........

Well, my husband is one of those lucky individuals!

Today is Ron's birthday.

It is/was usually the day his family waited for
to take down Christmas decorations and 'called it another year'.

Our little Christmas tree will be put away this evening for another year.
But not before celebrating this wonderful man's life.

I am a very fortunate guy to have met this caring and protective fella.

All I know is that I am happy I trusted my instincts back in 1973.

I/we were in the right spot at the right time and we both knew it immediately.

So this is a big THANK YOU Ron for sharing your life with me!

Oh....and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!

May this year take you up and down many adventurous roads.

And that your infectious enthusiasm for life remains your sole elixir.

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