Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Arrived Early, I'd Say

You know something? On-line shopping is the greatest thing since,
I don't know, sliced bread!

For the past few years now I have done most, if not all,
 of my Christmas shopping on-line.

These photos on this post are proof how great it is.
 I ordered these kitchen gadgets/appliances from an on-line 'shop'
in Montreal and they were here at my door in 3 days!!

They were 'early' Christmas gifts for both of us and we were 
like little kids opening up the boxes and looking at how new 
and sparkly they were.

The above gadget is an electric kettle but no ordinary electric
kettle I tell ya! It is programmed to warm up/boil water at different 
temperatures for different types of tea (for me) and also for 
French press coffee (for Ron). BUT, it also keeps it at that 
temperature until you use it. Plus the lights on it are blue!
I know, it can't take too much to impress this guy.

Ever since I have been following Ivan at 'A Normandy Kitchen'
I have been inspired to get a little better at cooking and baking.

So this next contraption is a food processor which I haven't 
had in years. It was time, I told myself, time to 'do things right'
in the kitchen!

So this very heavy, and I mean heavy, machine arrived with the 
kettle. It will take time to really learn how to use it properly
and effectively.

It could save a lot of time and energy preparing things. I have
already used it to make a lentil/squash soup with carrots 
and parsnips. It got a little messy on this first try (too much in
at once). But hey, that's how I learn.

Besides, I love the colour.

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