Friday, December 14, 2012

Baking 101

I am sure I have mentioned here the fact I always loved to help my mother when she baked.
These are some of the most vivid memories I have as a child.

One of my tasks was to 'line' the cake/loaf pans with parchment paper
to help prevent the cake or loaf from sticking to the pan.

Last week while helping to clear out my parent's house, the kitchen
was 'my room' to sort out. Much to my surprise and well-hidden
way in the back of a bottom cupboard were these two pans.

These were the ones on which I learned to grease and line!
I thought these were long gone. 

The round one is made of tin I believe and is your basic cake pan.
 I can only imagine how many birthday cakes were made in this one.

There is nothing fancy about it. I used it the other day
and baked the family birthday came out really well!

The loaf pan is a little fancier with its pressed design. After a good
scouring it too will be ready to try out with a 'date and nut' loaf.

As was suggested by Ivan in Normandy, France 
using a tin pan can make all the difference.
Right again, Ivan. And thanks.

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