Monday, December 10, 2012

A Tribute To Blogger Friend, John Daley

It is Monday evening here in Nova Scotia and I have just heard (thanks to John Gray of 'Going Gently' in Wales) of the 'passing' of a blogger friend, John Daley who lived in Australia.

John Daley was a recently retired nurse who lived with his wife. They are grandparents and he often spoke about their visits and interactions with the family.

Here is John's profile from his blog 'Tok Tok Place' (click here if you wish to learn a bit about this wonderful man and his beautiful country of Australia):

Born and raised mostly in Sydney, moved to the ACT in 1973 and stayed there and raised a family until 1992. With an empty nest we fled to the Far South Coast of NSW where I worked for five years until I accepted an offer to return and work in the ACT. I bought a house near the ACT from where I commuted to Canberra for work and home to the Far South Coast on weekends. Eventually this took its toll on me and we sold our little home at 'the coast' and made our permanent home on the Tablelands I've since semi-retired and I like to occupy myself around the home and I like staying at our little rural retreat - The Camp, at Wyangala. My wife still works, tho looking forward to retirement

Last summer I had my first 'give-away' and John Daley won! He was so excited and told me that he never wins anything!! He said he found special places for each little item he won. As a gesture of thanks he sent me a a small book on the history of his town.

I noticed on his profile that John liked 'modern country music'. Well John, this is for you, it was great meeting you.

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