Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blessed Wednesday

Since my Dad is in a veterans home now, he decided last week
that it was time to sell his house. So last weekend all the 'local' six 
siblings gathered at his house to separate in piles all his belongings
that he has accumulated over the years. 
One pile for charity, one for whoever wanted them, and one for the 'landfill'.

Amongst all the photos was this one, which was found at
 the bottom of the cedar chest.

One sister thinks it's our maternal grandmother, while another 
thinks it's our aunt and I think it could be our mother.

The investigation has begun and I am waiting to hear from a cousin
who may know.

The good thing is that it has to be someone on my mother's side,
as my father's family wasn't this involved with religion.

It was somebody's 'First Communion' and we are about to find out.
I hope.

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