Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Abounding Energy........

No, this blog will not be a discussion on quantum physics but rather on the energy I have had this morning.

I am not a slug by any means....I think Ron would vouch for that (he'd better!). It's just one of those days that things had to get done. OK, I did get some incentive from a phone call this morning. It was my niece. She announced that she and her mom (my baby sister) where going to drop by. They wanted to go for a walk with us at the beach . I said sure....that would be great.

That was when the energy kicked into high gear. The place was a mess!!! I swear we live like two bachelors without a care for housework. Maybe I am exaggerating a little but the house needed some serious tidying-up.

I started with the kitchen......dishes etc. Then the vacuuming. Mini tumble- weeds from Sophie since her haircut. Then the bathroom. Amazing how much HUMAN hair is in there!! Sometimes I wonder if we are shedding. And why is it so difficult to wipe it up? Always seems to want to stay behind. There's a fortune to be made in a cloth-like 'rag' to clean up these things.....something they will cling to.

When Ron came in from the garden, he knew that someone was coming.....Jim  had the vacuum out.

Enough. Luckily our house is a small one and it really doesn't take that long to 'sterilize'. Gee, the place smells wonderful and looks very presentable. Not that they will even notice. But we do and like it this way. 

Now, if we had more company then it only stands to reason that the house would be clean all of the time. 

Sophie is excited about the company coming, as she always is. She will wait on her hassock and look out the window for a car to pull into the driveway. Then she'll freak out for a few seconds and proceed to lick them to death.

They haven't  arrived yet but are due in a few minutes. Better get ready for the walk........the sun disappeared again, so we'll have to dress layers.

Three hours later........

The walk was an hour plus..........down the beach and back through the wooded area. My niece hadn't been at this particular beach since she was very young and it used to be a favourite of my sister's.

Sis is a personal trainer and is in very good shape. Every time we meet she will give us  new 'exercise' moves, whether we want them or not. Today's lesson was on incorporating light-weights into a walk or at home.  Actually, I can really use some new ideas.

We all came back to have a snack and some Chai tea. Sophie was exhausted. She curled up in a ball an ignored all the foolishness that was going on.

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