Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Before and After

Sophie got her hair cut yesterday. It was only the second time for her.

Being a 1st. generation labradoodle, Sophie does shed.....about 30%. So the hair-balls aren't too too bad to deal with. Her hair gets quite long and is wavey. It doesn't get tangled which is blessing.

Her appointment was at noon and we made sure that she was 'walked' beforehand......she would be more relaxed.

So we had a 30 minute walk on the beach then off to the groomers. The groomer said it would take about 2.5 hours.

We headed for Halifax to do a couple of errands and to have lunch. We decided on a vegetarian place we like (we're trying to have one meatless meal a week). Their special was a quinoa chili with corn bread and steamed greens. We were hungry and needed some protein, so we both ordered it. It was great!! Probably the best chili I've ever eaten. Lots of flavour and filling.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the Eastern Shore before the groomer called to say Sophie was ready. Too late! As we were heading over the bridge, she called. I told her we'd be there in about half an hour. And we were.

Sophie was excited to see us and she looked really short with more left on her head because we like it like that. The groomer said that Sophie was an angel.......she loves to be touched and we are all over her all the time!

Ron was outside the back door and Sophie run up to him. Then she spotted the groomer's pond . Off she went into the water to get all that sissy stuff off her. The groomer was not happy (she thought we would freak). I reassured her that it didn't matter to us at all. It was only water and clean at that.... due to some recent rain. And since Sophie didn't have any hair left anyway, what the hell ! We are so used to her finding anything wet to swim or roll in that we hardly notice.

There, Sophie felt better now.....more doggy-like.

Today we headed to the it wasn't raining like it did yesterday. Here are a few pics.
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