Friday, April 9, 2010

Clouds, fog and rainbows.........

Overcast today, the first 'cloudy' day in a while. We are all tired here and are just loafing around.

Still trying to learn how to set up this blog in a presentable fashion. The last one was pretty messy looking. I'll figure it out one of these days. No pressure.....

Going to a Qi Gong workshop on meditation this weekend. I have Level One in Qi Gong healing movements and the next level focuses on meditating. Should be interesting.......the meditation style I presently use is modeled on the local Shambhala, Buddhist, approach to meditation. I think the style I am about to learn involves movement.........either walking or a repetitive movement of some sort.

Meditation has gotten me through some difficult times and, as well, guides me through the good times. It gives me the focus I need to enjoy life and from which to learn....... whatever I am doing, wherever I am.

It's so simple to do but yet very profound in its effect. It is quite challenging at first.....learning to slow down the mind with all its thoughts and memories. Once you have the knack for it and have been guided by others that you trust, then the benefits become obvious. Life becomes much more begin to notice more around you and you realize that we are all such a part of one another. Animals, insects and humans are inextricably connected.

So on that note, I'll get to posting this along with a few recent pics. At the beach the other day was a 'fog rainbow' and we managed to get a few shots of it.

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