Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love the Ocean

As you can probably tell from some of the pics on my blogs, we love to be around the ocean. Thus the name of the blog.....Ocean Breezes.

Since Nova Scotia is almost completely surrounded  by water, it doesn't take one too long to get to the matter where you may live here.

As a kid, my younger brothers and a few neighbourhood boys and myself used to head to the very end of the city to spend the day at the park there. Most of Halifax City proper is also mostly surrounded by water.....peninsular Halifax.
So water has become a part of my life.

We went to another 'shore' (South Shore) this week and visited three beaches........Mill Cove Beach, Bayswater Beach and an un-named one in Blandford. Here are a few pics.

Have a great weekend !


  1. Jim,

    Got to your website through Davey Wavey's blog. I've enjoyed seeing all your photos of the ocean. It's obvious that you love the sea.

    I too am enthralled by the beauty and strength of the water. From age 10 I spent most of my summer holidays on board a Great Lakes freighter of which my dad was the Captain (Master).

    To sail 3 days on Lake superior without seeing land was so exciting. When the wind was calm and the water was shimmering calm, I was gobsmacked by the sun or moon rising from the horizon.

    But I also know the strength and turbulence (I never say "anger")of the water. I was in one storm where dad ordered the entire crew and me to wear our life jackets. I must admit that was a scary moment, a moment when I realized what physical power can do. Those days not only gave me love and respect for water, but placed something deep within me-- I get a physical reaction in my body when I experience large bodies to water.

    I now live almost 6 hours from the Atlantic Coast, but I travel there in the summers and the late fall. I literally sit on the deserted beach for two or three hours at a time absorbing the sound of the waves and the breaking whitecaps. I meditate regularly and at those times I sit on the beach, I get lost in a greater and deeper reality. When I scuba dive I can't meditate (too dangerous, Haha)but the beauty under the sea transports me in a different way so I realize how connected to all life everywhere.

    I hardly ever express my feelings about this aspect of who I am, especially to strangers and online. But seeing your photos of the coast there in Nova Scotia and intuiting your love, I just started typing this comment. I am very happy that I wrote it and hope you enjoy reading it.

    Take care. And the best to you and your husband. :) :)

    PS If you wish to reply to me email me at (BTW my real name IS Sebastian. Itoo am gay, but single. :)

  2. very beautiful place......i love being on the beach with the dogs.....dogs are only truly happy when galloping around like mad things


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