Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Showers Day

Getting some long awaited rain today. The garden can really use a good drenching. I've heard predictions that the east coast of Canada will be dry and hot this summer. So, the more rain now the better, I say.

Busy morning for me. It's my day to bring Dad his main meal. So after breakfast I prepared a salmon (with egg sauce), sweet potato, turnip and spinach dinner. I let it cool and pack it in a picnic hamper/basket and off the three of us go (Ron, Sophie and me (Jim)) to my Dad's.

We have been in the garden every day for the past month or so. But today because of the rain Ron couldn't get out and I was getting a meal ready. So a rest from all the winter clean-up and transplanting we have been doing.

We bought my parent's home about 20 years ago. They needed to live closer to town as they were getting up there in years.

My folks liked a lawn....in front and in back. We didn't. So we began our journey into the gardening world. We had some idea what we wanted (sort of) and proceeded to turn under and over all the lawn on the property. We thought that lawns were too needy and required so much care. Plus, we wanted shrubs, trees, veggie garden, and lots of flowers.

We hit the garden nurseries all over the province and found all sorts of plants that we never heard of. Or should say that I never heard of. Ron knew what he wanted generally.

There was a lot of work to our garden. However, every second out there was worth the sweat and muscle ache. Hours would disappear , and still do. We've learned a lot and enjoy the results through each season.

Our veggie beds have turned into 'nursery' beds for 'sick' plants and shrubs that need some extra care. Besides, all those trees we planted have grown up now and provide too much shade to expect veggies to amount to anything.

Our garden is mostly at a maintenance level now.....with some new plants coming in as older ones die off.  Now we can enjoy it during those warm summer nights on the hammock. Oh, I can't wait!!

So to all you gardeners out there, and wanna-be gardeners, have a great spring.

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