Saturday, April 3, 2010

Battle of the sexes

Our nieces (2) were home for a few days and we went to their parent's home for dinner and games. We had spent much of the late morning walking the beach and meeting lots of dogs with our doodle and their Boston Terrier. We met a few doodles and a pair of beautiful Great Danes, along with a Valley Bull (indigenous to Nova Scotia). Needless to say that our dogs had a great time and a good work out. So by the time that dinner was ready, we were all hungry.

The meal was great....turkey with all the works. So good , I had two helpings!

After everyone was stuffed, one of the girls wanted to play a game called 'Battle of the Sexes'. We had played a few years ago and had a blast. Now that the 'girls' are a little older and more life-experienced, they thought that they would whip us this time around. We, brother-in-law, partner and myself, put a 'bad one' on them then. But this is now. Let's see how it would go this time.

Our nephew-in-law, my partner and myself against my sister and two nieces. The game started and immediately we noticed how sexist and stereotypical the questions were. We persisted however. We had discovered last time we played that we, my husband and I, were getting most of the questions correct........the female ones.....while my brother-in-law had no idea how we were doing it. It became obvious that we gays know a lot about female stuff like foods, gardening, perfumes, names for women's clothing etc. So we proceeded to trounce them.....then.

This time we were being challenged.......'the girls' were keeping up and even passing us at one point with their correct answers for 'male' stuff. What's with this?! After a lot of laughter and hysterics, the game turned out to be 'a draw'. Both sides were becoming very lethargic ...... probably due to the turkey kicking in ( it's known for this effect).

A great evening was had by all, including my 94 year old father who thought we were all crazy with all the noise and antics we display when we get together. Time to get him home anyway. So we said our goodbyes and off we went.

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