Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

Settling into fall......

Soph: 'Jim, what's keeping you?'

I guess she thought I was missing all the action/waves at the beach!

Surfers were taking advantage of  it.....

.....and the waves were crashing in front of us.

At the park yesterday....Sophie on lead due to leg injury she got at day care.

I love 'nursing logs' like the one above. 
They provide so much nutrition to the environment.

.....not to mention the beauty of them.

I wondered if this was edible but wasn't about to chance it!

The grassy dunes at the beach are ready for what is and snow.

This young larch tree was golden all over....

TIMBER! .....future 'nursing logs' at the park.


  1. Hey, you've got a new template! Looks good! I hope Sophie's leg heals quickly.

    1. I do! Cleaner and more spacious.
      Sophie will be fine.....too exuberant at her age!!

  2. I hope Sophie's leg is OK, Beautiful fall scenes, are you ready for the white stuff? We are almost officially in summertime, but have rain, a cold wind, and almost need to light the fire!!!

  3. I didn't know those were called "nursing logs." I have a nursing stump in the side of my backyard. It must have been a very large tree at one time, cut down so the fence could be built and because it was so close to the house and to telephone wires. I hope beautiful Sophie isn't badly injured.


    1. We have been using 'nursing logs' for years in our garden....they really encourage lots of life.
      Sophie's leg injury is from an old injury.....when she overdoes it, she will pay for it. She knows what has to be for 10 minutes 3 times a day.....she is SO good about it.
      Hope your day is going well, Janie.

  4. Aw, poor Sophie! I hope she heals quickly.
    Beautiful autumn shots. Lots of pretty colours.

    1. She will be fine, old injury.
      Well, as I speak, we are getting our first few flurries! Bye bye colour for a while.
      Have a great day!

  5. Beautiful photos this week Jim, love the crashing waves, autumn has certainly been generous so much colour, so I guess we can expect snow photos next week?

    Wishing you both and the lovely Sophie a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Yes, we are getting some snow on Tuesday night, Margo.
      a good week to you as well.


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