Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

Quite the week....from the 'changing of the guard' in the USA
to the death of Leonard Cohen.

Remember these sweater/jackets for the late 50's and early 60's?
We called them Mary Maxim sweaters. 
I think my mother made  a pile of them for me and my siblings.
Mine was white with blue eagles on front and back.
If you had one, what was yours?
This one we found at a thrift shop.

Ron capturing sun beams.....

Shock of colour....

On way up to a photo-shoot with falcon in hand/arm......
the other day from my perch at the shop.

Note the 'waxing gibbous' moon.....

The mist was almost perfect late afternoon on Wednesday....

Looking west from MacDonald Hill......

Saw this very strange fellow at the park on Thursday.

A view of the back garden taken from the house......
amazing how big things grow after 20+ years.

After the photo-shoot.....all was well with handler and falcon.


  1. And Dancing among the leaves, maybe so thankful he lives where you do.

    1. I am Jean, very thankful.

      Hope things have settled down in NZ for you. What a tragedy! Please be safe and all the best for your wonderful country.

  2. I hope you brought that very strange fellow home. He looks like a good time.

    1. Actually HE followed me!! Always entertaining that boy!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Joyce. Yes, Ron ought to be 'on the stage'....heard there was one leaving in 5 minutes!! HEY....I try!! lol

  4. I love your shots, Jim! So colourful. And Ron always makes me smile. You are married to a comedian!

    1. Ron makes everyone smile, Martha!!

  5. Ron's got to be Ron! LOL and thank goodness. I notice that the people in the photo shoot returned more warmly dressed! Have a good one!


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