Monday, September 12, 2011

Contemplative Monday

I am reading a book by Karen Maezen Miller called 'hand wash cold'. In the prologue she writes a few lines that I feel deserve some  contemplation:

"With only a change in one's perspective, the most ordinary things take on inexpressible beauty."

"When we don't know, we don't judge. And when we don't judge, we see things in a different light."

"That's why I wrote this book. To atone for the messes I've made, to see the wisdom I've overlooked, to offer the care I've left undone, to show both you and me the inexpressible beauty that's comes tucked inside an ordinary life."

                            Korean Fir in our front garden.


  1. Interesting cones, do they open up when dried?

  2. Yes they do Sharon. These will dry out on the tree by next spring...unless the squirrels get them first.

  3. These are beautiful photos. What a lovely plant to have and observe! Had to go tho the author's web site - she has a nice little video about the book.

  4. Love the blue cones. You always hope your life has meaning. Sometimes it takes words like these to make you remember that.

  5. That Karen Miller! She makes some good points.
    You must have a magical garden.

  6. I've often thought about how daily life exists on different levels, sub-levels just below the surface. Something 'other'.

    I hope I can train myself to dip under the surface more often...

  7. I was thinking blue spruce until you identified the Korean Fir. Beautiful, are they fragrant? I long to smell pines and earth, not happening in Oklahoma. I am quite content to live an ordinary life, for in the ordinary day-to-day do I have time to savor the gifts God gave to me.

  8. Liz, so true! We all have gifts to be thankful for.
    as for a scent from the fir cones....I have not noticed any but guess what I'll be doing first thing in the morning?

  9. That's why I'm such a big fan of this blog - you show us the beauty around us.

  10. My philosophy exactly!

    And you've achieved this in your wonderful shots!

  11. I love those blue cones,we don't have any firs growing around here! Have a great week Jim!!!


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