Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Laughing Out Loud

I am very selective about what I find funny.

Occasionally I will find/see/hear something that will really crack me up. That doesn't happen enough as far as I am concerned!

Humour is very subjective I have learned. Ron can be laughing at something and I will be looking at him and wondering what is wrong with him.

I remember seeing the stand-up comic, Maggie Cassella live and I thought I was going to die laughing! I found her hilarious. She was abrupt and held nothing back......and no one was sparred.

Yet I know people who wouldn't cross the street to see her. Thus is the nature of comedy. And that is what makes laughter so intriguing to me.

Yet, have you ever seen someone laughing with great gusto and find yourself smiling as well.....for the sheer 'enjoyment' you are witnessing?

Boy, I am really setting myself up for this one. Case in point.....Nikki Payne is from Nova Scotia, Lower Sackville to be precise. Over the past few years she has gained a following across North America. 

I find her very funny and maybe a few of you will also. Enjoy!

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