Friday, September 23, 2011

Magical PEI

We got back Wednesday evening from a trip to PEI (Prince Edward Island). My sister, Marilyn, and her husband, Jim, invited us to their cottage for a few days. 

                             Marilyn and Jim.

                             Visitors add to this every year.
They arrived from Edmonton, Alberta in mid August and we missed there visit to Dad's as we were away in Cape Cod. So it was good to see them and spend some time with them on the Island.

Since they have two cottages side by side there was plenty of room for us all......they brought their dog,  Shelby, with them. She is a Border Collie. She and Sophie got along from the 'gitgo' .

Sophie spent the first day just watching Shelby in amazement I think. As you may know Border Collies love to retrieve! ALL THE TIME! Until they drop!

Sophie didn't quite know what to make of this dog dropping a ball in front of her, then circling her, lying flat on the ground........ behind her! But Sophie did catch on and chose to just take the ball away from Shelby and run away with it.

We had a blast watching these two critters do their 'dog thing'. Shelby is a sweet dog with a very gentle temperament. And with Sophie's, let me say, more assertive approach to life, they really complimented each other.

PEI is a special place. As soon as you cross the bridge or the ferry, you find yourself transported to another place in time.

When I was a kid my family would spent a couple of weeks in the summer there. I loved it then as I do now.

    Inukshuk found on the beach.
My mother's parents were both born on the eastern end of the Island. I am a little partial to this area as it is steeped with the family history of the MacDonald's and the MacIsaac's dating back to the 1700's.

My sister and her husband left on Monday and we stayed for a few more days. Thanks Marilyn and Jim, it was great to spend some time with you both!

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