Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

As a high school vice-principal used to tell us boys repeatedly
" the ducks are on the pond, boys."


Since I opened the shop it is not at all unusual
to get calls from couples who are downsizing. 
This Duck Tin Toy was one of the items I bought the other day.
And it works!

We took a drive down (or up?) the Eastern Shore this week.
This is in Head of Jeddore near the Salmon River.

Beach scene down the hill from the shop....

This is Oyster Pond....along the Eastern Shore.
One of the schools I visited was from this commuity
when 'my circuit' was on the Eastern Shore.

Shop scene....

Back to Oyster Pond.....I used to eat my lunch here 
when I was a circuit teacher.
Not in that building above but the parking area facing it.

I hope we are done with the FOG!
Even though it does afford great photos, 
I don't particularly care for it.....
makes me a little claustrophobic.

On the hill last evening.....

.....and look who was coming up the other side!!

Wishing everyone peace and calmness......


  1. That is a new saying, so I had to Google it!! Too many different slants on those words, but I will accept one as the norm. lovely scenes on the hill, you have spring in the air.

    1. Whenever exams were approaching this vice-principal would go from classroom to classroom and poke his head in from the doorway and say this to us. He wanted us to realize and appreciate that 'our bases were loaded' and we needed a 'home run' to pass all our exams.
      Of course we would all raise our eyes!!!lol

    2. Well, that wasn't the one that I found!!!

  2. I've never heard that saying. However, I have heard Jerry say, "Make sure you have all your ducks covered." Yes, that's what he said. I also love fog, but find more than a day of it a bit confining.

    1. 'Jerry's Sayings'......would make a good 'coffee table book'!!
      I hear you about the fog, Mitch. We can have a solid week of it....especially along the shore.

  3. What wonderful thoughts and photos, such wonderful landscape and views.

  4. i've heard: get your ducks in a row. i love the mechanical duck!

    1. Ducks feature in a number of these sayings....for some reason!?
      I was so surprised when this woman brought this along with a few other things. She got this duck when she was one year old.....over 70 years ago!!

  5. Thanks for the weekly dose of beauty

  6. That old toy has got to be worth big bucks!

    1. Not as much as I thought it would, least at this point in my research. Not bringing this to the shop as it would be over-used by customers and probably the winding mechanism would be broken. Will sell it to a 'toy collector' eventually.

  7. That duck! You have such interesting things in your shop, Jim. It must be so much fun looking around in there.

    Love all your shots and getting a glimpse into your week!

    1. Thanks Martha. I am having fun!!

  8. What wonderful thoughts and photos, such wonderful landscape and views.


  9. Good grief, Jim! I didn't realize that I had fallen this far behind! Will I ever find a consistent rhythm? LOL Not likely. That luggage set looks exactly like the one Dad and Mom gave me as a high school graduation gift. But I do know there is no way that it ended up in your shop. Love, love the house and its reflection in the pond (just after the luggage). Again, line is such an important component in this spectacular photo! Way to go, my friend!


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