Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

A busy week celebrating a birthday,
spending time with family at the beach,
and going to the Valley.

My father had his 101st birthday this past week.
It was a much simpler affair compared to last year's 100!
'Poor Jim' is the name the staff on his floor gave him
because he LOVES to tease them about this pain 
and that ache.....all in jest of course.
So, they, and we now, call him 'Poor Jim'.

Here is 'Poor Jim'.....applauding after singing 'Happy Birthday' to him.
A good time was had by all.

Ron, Sophie and I spent the afternoon with my sister, Paula and her two granddaughters,
and our niece-in-law, Erika and her son.
We had a great time at Fisherman's cove and a beach nearby.

Fisherman' s Cove.....a typical fishing village that you can find
all over Nova Scotia.

From my perch at the shop this past Wednesday.....

The other evening we took Sophie to her favourite lake for a few dives/slides
and a good swim.

This is surfing season along the Eastern Shore.....

I waited patiently for this crow to fly away off this wire........from my shop window.

 We went to the Annapolis Valley yesterday.....more specifically
the Gaspereau Valley. It is very near where Ron grew up in the town of Wolfville.

This is what I saw on the way home.....

We took a couple of 'backroads' to get us to the main highway....
free-range chickens.

Around every corner there are these old barns....

A lot of farm animals.....

Told you about all the barns....

Then up on highway 101 which takes us to Halifax.
A lot of people heading to camp grounds/cottages
as this is the Canada Day long weekend.

A ways to go.....

Don't like to stay behind these guys.....just never know!


  1. Great photos. Your father is really something! The crow was worth the wait. And I would fall way behind that logging truck!

    1. That he is, Mitchell! He is quite the character.....always has been.
      Mr.Crow is a regular visitor to that wire.....I like these guys.
      yes, I was happy when Ron passed that big logging truck!

  2. Your Dad, a real dinkum guy!!! Love the photos, apart from the logging truck. Down here, we avoid them like the plague. But far better to be going the same way as opposed to meeting them on a corner. Happy Canada Day.

    1. Yes, my Dad is a real dinkum guy, Jean!
      Logging trucks are very intimidating!
      This Canada Day weekend is being rained out!

  3. Replies
    1. Better full than empty, I say!

  4. Happy 101st to your Dad! He's only 49 years younger than Canada!

    1. Never thought of it in quite those terms, Debra! Geez! He IS old!!

  5. I love your photos! So much fun in them. What a great week. Happy 101st to your dad!

  6. I always love your saturday photos-Happy birthday to your father-I bet he got lots of hugs that day. I would have enjoyed those country roads for sure
    Happy Weekend Kathy

  7. A big happy birthday to your dad! Such a handsome man.


  8. Love your dad's smile and sense of humor! Looks like your week was filled with family and fun.

  9. Lovely week and how wonderful to see your dad enjoying his birthday, your beautiful sister and granddaughter look so much alike you have probably compared childhood family photos of her. Lovely fishing village, country side and even the logging truck so Canadian we are lucky to have such a varied geography like so many countries in one.

    Hope this week is just as wonderful for the three of you.


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