Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Mid April around the North Atlantic.......

It was all 'crystal clear' to me.....
do you see a face at the top of this crystal decanter?

Last Saturday we had a LOT of helped to get rid of the last remaining snow.

What says 'springtime' more than flowers.....tea set at the shop.

Heading into the city of Halifax on the MacKay Bridge......

'A family that plays together.........'

I spent a couple of hours with my brother, Dennis, his son, Jacob
and his son, Gabriel who just turned a year old.

I know, it seems like Ron and Sophie are always going up this hill!!
Well.....they are!

I never knew till Thursday that lobster were caught 
so close to the city in the harbour.

Great-nephew Gabe and nephew Jacob.....

Gabe with his grandfather, my brother, Dennis.

Yes, it IS as cold as it looks!

The Atlantic View Trail at Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park.

Life is all about 'perspective', right?


  1. Family fun together, that is a perfect day over Easter. Cold as it looks, this morning it was a lot colder down here too.

    1. It was fun to spend some time with them, Jean.
      Yesterday it was 17C....BEAUTIFUL!
      Today.....5C....COLD!...and we have the furnace on.
      You must be thinking of all those warm days you have already had.

  2. Aw, Gabe is so cute! Lots of family fun. And I love that tea set. So colourful.

    1. He's the sweetest kid, Martha and my brother is in 7th heaven having a grandchild!
      That tea set will disappear this weekend I suspect....being spring and all.

  3. All the photos are wonderful, especially the joyful family! And, yes, the face is crystal clear to me, too.

    1. Thanks, Mitch. I took a 'few' of that get-together and was happy with a couple I got.

      You know, I think we 'see things', Mitch, that others don't!!

  4. Wonderful photos today, love the one of your brother and little Gabe looking through the window, all treasured moments. have a wonderful week ahead, I'm so far behind.

  5. Another set of fabulous pictures, Jim. Hands down my favorite is Gabs and Dennis! That should be framed and given to Dennis. It would be a marvelous gift!


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