Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

QuestionWhat do 'global warming' and the game of poker have in common?

Sunset the other evening taken from inside....

These two birds are from the same 'family' but different mothers......
Heron on the right is very common here.....
Egret on the left is not but becoming more so the past few warming?

This batik fabric wall hanging was made by Dorothy Udall
from the Maridadi West shop in Colorado in the '70s......
it is at my shop.

A corner at the shop....

Ron and Sophie on the Atlantic Trail down at the beach....
in the far distance on the hill you can barely see The MacDonald House 
in which my shop is located.

 Poker game.....

Feeling a little 'owly' lately!


I took this photo the other day as the tide was 'coming in'.
In that shoal area you can see at low tide 
there used to be a baseball field/diamond.
It was there in the 30's and 40's and locals remember
going to games and cheering on the local team.
.......sea levels are rising.

I could feel this kayaker's peace being out there alone......with just the ocean.

These two pieces of art are among the many 'marine' themed paintings/photos
I have hanging on the staircase walls going up to shop.

Answer: Both are 'high-stakes' games.


  1. I thought it might be that we could get all " hot and bothered" , but your answer is so much better. Love the sunset with those glorious reds.

  2. So much beauty. Let's hope government's like 45's are stopped from upping the ante.

  3. there has to be a trump joke in there somewhere!i like that 'old salt' painting!

  4. I had a friend once who collected those dogs-playing-poker art. She had quite a few different examples!

  5. You answered the question, Jim! I was going to say that in both cases the people in denial are putting their futures at risk! The sea level rising photo was shocking! You should post that one on Facebook If you have already, I apologize for missing it. Still playing catchup in all areas of my life. When I first looked at the photo, I thought there were people standing out there and that perhaps they didn't understand the concept of tides. It's funny how our minds seek to find an understandable pattern, even when it obviously is a ridiculous idea! Enjoyed your Saturday posts as always. Hugs and love to you three!

  6. Great collection, Jim. Happy Earth Day! We must do better by this planet!

  7. Wonderful selection of photos this week it's unfortunate but Donald does not look at your blog he's more into tweeting, have a good week Jim.


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