Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Saying goodbye to winter.....

Sophie on MacDonald Hill as the snow gently melts....

From my perch at the shop on Wednesday....

Now, let's go to the beach!
This time it is Martinique Beach
 which is further down the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia
from where we live.....about 45 minutes away.
Sophie was so excited to be there!! was Ron. It is a much longer beach than the two near us.

This would be me watching the tide come in and 'washing' the small stones
back out to sea.

A good view of this lovely crescent beach......with Ron doing his 'thing'.

Looking IS a long beach!

A clam shell....the seabirds have a feast every day.

The tide was coming in for the whole of our hike.
One wave almost got me!

Crab legs.....

Beach art everywhere....

This particular type of seaweed is Sophie's 'choice' pick!
It has always been her favourite and we have to watch her closely
because on many occasions she woke us up
in the middle of the night vomiting.
It is like eating potato chips I guess.


  1. You're saying good-bye to winter by watching the snow melt on April 8. That's one long winter.

    1. How soon 'we' forget!! lol
      We could still get a few 'snow showers' in April.

  2. we hardly had winter this year except for yesterday which was the home opener for baseball and it snowed all day. it will be 75 degrees on monday. such strange weather!

    1. Same here Joyce. Our winter was basically all in March!
      But it has all changed over the past 36 up to 12C yesterday and today looks hopeful.
      I know you don't like summer's heat (either do I!) It could stay at this mild temperature all year and I'd be happy.
      Have a good weekend!

  3. Great shots, Jim! Hanging around the beach is the best place to be!

    1. It is Martha!
      Lots of good cycling areas in your new town?

  4. Wonderful photos, beaches aren't just for summer regardless the weather always nice for a walk especially with a dog in tow.

  5. Your photos have transcended into art ~ just wonderful, my friend! My favorite: The blue-toned one of the wave and shore wash.


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