Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

This is spring in Nova Scotia......

From the shop window, this cyclist was taking advantage
 of the dry road on Sunday.

This is one of two vintage Picasso prints I recently acquired....
wishing they were originals!! But still like them a lot.

Our first Robin arrived on Thursday
 and was feasting on the Bearberry bush in the front garden......
probably very surprised to see all the snow.

Another shot from Sunday before the snow arrived.....
this family was at Stony Beach near the shop.

Yesterday Sophie and I visited Lake Banook in Dartmouth.

Got this vintage 'Radio Flyer' scooter at an auction
which is now in the shop.

Reflections in Lake Banook which has begun to 'de-ice'.

Looking across Lake Banook....

On the cusp of 'seasonal transition'.....

Sophie loves this thinly wooded area at Birch Cove Park.


  1. I can't believe all that snow! The Radio Flyer might come in handy crossing the ice.

  2. Great Radio Flyer. I wish I were riding that bike where there isn't any snow. That's a good photo of motion.


  3. The scooter, that must be OLD, as our younger daughter had a similar one in 1966 or so!!! Bright red, no tassel s on the handles, and a straight wooden foot part. Looks like you still have snow, but spring in the trees and birds appearing is all good.

  4. Your photos look like etchings, Jim. I love the starkness and simplicity. Scooters have definitely made a comeback with kids today - I like your antique one. Enjoy spring.

  5. Beautiful photos as always, like the reflection ones of lake Banook and the stark Picasso print and.....heck they are all brilliant.

  6. oh man i need that scooter. had the same one as a kid. i guess i would look like a major tard if i rode one now.

  7. Wonderful photos, Jim! I especially liked "Reflections in Lake Banook." It takes a few seconds to sort it out which I loved! Loved the robin in the bearberry bush. My Grandmother MacDonald loved robins because they were harbingers of spring. Happy spring, my friend!

  8. That 'Radio Flyer' scooter is amazing, Jim! What a cool find. Looks like spring has found its way over there. Today was our first really nice day in a while. Sunny and quite mild. Let's hope it continues this way. And robins are always a beautiful sight!

  9. Love that vintage Picasso! What a great find... sure would be nice to have an original but imagine the price would be #$!!!


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