Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

Warm and humid week.....

Spider season and LOTS of them!

I took Sophie down to MacDonald Hill one evening and a thunder/lightning
storm started up.

So we ducked into the shop until it let up somewhat.

Always amazed at the plants that can grow in sand.....

At Point Pleasant Park and we came upon this 'clutch' of kayaks?
What does one call a bunch of grounded kayaks?
Oh, I know!...... 'beached kayaks'......maybe

I got this last week from a woman who was 'down-sizing'......
a vintage 'cheese-round' box.

Ron and Sophie waiting for me to leave work....

Up up and away.....

I also got these very old quilts last week......
left: 'starflower quilt' over 100 years old....
Right: a 70 year old quilt signed in stitching by
the congregation of the Valleyfield United Church
(same as the Episcopal Church in the US)
in Valleyfield, Prince Edward Island.

Before the Halifax Pride Parade last Saturday,
a legion of young people had the entire crowd
to quieten down for five minutes to honour 
those lost in the 'Orlando' shootings.
It was a very moving and emotional few minutes.

And then the parade began....

This young fella stood in front of me with such a wonderful smile
 I couldn't resist capturing it.

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