Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

Warm and humid week.....

Spider season and LOTS of them!

I took Sophie down to MacDonald Hill one evening and a thunder/lightning
storm started up.

So we ducked into the shop until it let up somewhat.

Always amazed at the plants that can grow in sand.....

At Point Pleasant Park and we came upon this 'clutch' of kayaks?
What does one call a bunch of grounded kayaks?
Oh, I know!...... 'beached kayaks'......maybe

I got this last week from a woman who was 'down-sizing'......
a vintage 'cheese-round' box.

Ron and Sophie waiting for me to leave work....

Up up and away.....

I also got these very old quilts last week......
left: 'starflower quilt' over 100 years old....
Right: a 70 year old quilt signed in stitching by
the congregation of the Valleyfield United Church
(same as the Episcopal Church in the US)
in Valleyfield, Prince Edward Island.

Before the Halifax Pride Parade last Saturday,
a legion of young people had the entire crowd
to quieten down for five minutes to honour 
those lost in the 'Orlando' shootings.
It was a very moving and emotional few minutes.

And then the parade began....

This young fella stood in front of me with such a wonderful smile
 I couldn't resist capturing it.


  1. And then there were some quilts on display, where do you find those beautiful vintage goodies? Love the brolly, and that smile, good enough to brighten everyone's day.

    1. Hi Jean. An old friend/colleague of ours in our fitness years, called me and said she had a few things I may be interested in for the shop. We met and I took these two quilts home. the one with the names from the church was where her father=in-law was a minister and she has had it for a very long time. The Starflower quilt was sold about an hour ago at the shop.

      I know about that kid's smile....made my day, I tell you.
      Have a wonderful week, Jean.

  2. What a great post! I love those quilts. I have never seen a starflower quilt before. My grandmother quilted and I wish she could see it! That is a lovely idea, to have the crowd to be quiet for five whole minutes. It makes me smile to think of that for the USA! (The five minutes, I mean.)
    I also love the photo of the big smile from the young man at the end, quite the joyful expression!

    1. As said above that quilt is gone from shop now. the lady who bought it LOVED it!! Your grandmother would have loved to have seen these and others I have. Plus, I would have LOVED to have chatted with her and learned from her.
      that 5 minutes was unbelievably many were crying, Kay.
      And that young man at the end....he more or less summed up the feeling of the parade.

  3. Looks like another fab turnout for the Pride Parade!

    1. It was, Debra. Little ole Halifax was hoppin!

  4. Great shots, Jim! I especially love all the photos from the parade. The last one made me laugh out loud because it reminds me of a friend of my younger daughter; one of my favourites of her friends. He and my daughter are very close and extremely compatible. My daughter says they would have made a perfect couple...unfortunately for her, he is gay! LOL... They laugh about that. But at least they are the best of friends. That t-shirt would be perfect for him!

    1. How lucky are both your daughter and her friend to have each other, Martha! I hope it lasts can get threatening to some boyfriends but I am sure your daughter's choices wouldn't have a problem. I have two 'girlfriends' I have known for decades and one before I met Ron. All is well.
      Wish I, no, wish all gay kids when coming out, had a similar t-shirt to this one!

  5. The photo of Ron and Sophie waiting for you is great. Isn't it nice to know that your loved ones are there? I thank the people who honored those we lost in Orlando. I am tired of having one national tragedy after another while officials says, Please pray for us. I do pray for them, but even more importantly, I pray that the NRA will lose its grip on the U.S. government. As President Obama has complained, he can't get gun control laws passed because of the NRA. Their power is much too strong.


    1. Thanks so much, Janie. You are correct, there is nothing better to know they are there for me. I am a very fortunate man.
      Yes, the Orlando victims were honoured at this parade and I felt so proud to be part of it as a spectator.
      Obama will be missed for sure but I am also hoping that Mrs.Clinton will be able to break that control the NRA has on your government. And maybe with Bernie's supporters being as vocal as they are, she will be held to the reforms she has promised to make.

  6. Replies
    1. Beauty, as you know Mitch, is everywhere. Isn't it great that we can see it?

  7. Such a great parade and RCMP smiles too!!

    1. It was our first in a few years......good to have been there.

  8. Hi, sorry I am just catching up, loved your Saturday post, especially the smiling young man at the end what a great TShirt, looks like you had a wonderful week and a fabulous parade.


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