Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

The colour of summer continues......

'U-Pick' veggies at the shop.....

Our cherries are ripening as I speak.......usually the birds get them
before we do. That's OK.

Some changes to happen at the shop in the next while......
clearing out all the textiles (quilts and blankets) first.

This flower and insect caught my attention yesterday......

And people continue to swim in this very dangerous water.....

Wednesday from the shop I spied Ron and Sophie up by the river......
Sophie digging and Ron trying to get photo of a drone high above him.

Here are two Pitcher Plant flowers we found at Peggy's Cove
on Thursday.......

As I mentioned above, we were at Peggy's Cove for a couple of hours......
in the fog but that was okay with us.

Where did this strawberry pie come from you may ask?
Well, we were at our friends', Mike and Cathy,
and she served this scrumptious dessert!!
(it had a crushed almond crust)

Now back to Peggy' is full of these strange rocks.
I am wondering how long the little rock has been holding up the bigger one.

We found a very narrow trail that wove us through
 this maze of rock and flora.

It was very chilly along this part of the south shore coast......

and that suited Sophie just fine, thank you.

Para-surfer at Stony Beach.....


  1. SO much to comment on today. But I'll limit myself. Crushed almond crust!!! Jerry made an apple pie last year with a crushed almond crust. Delicious! It must be so nice and so reassuring to look out the window and see Ron and Sophie. Beautiful photos! Red flags have been flying on our beaches for the past two days. Loads of people still in the water on certain stretches and the lifeguards are permitting it (red flags mean swimming forbidden); I don't get it.

    1. That pie, Mitch, pretty much disappeared!!
      I could barely see Ron and Sophie but Ron's blue shirt made it we communicate by 'walkie-talkie' you know!! (kidding)
      Yes, isn't it strange that peopple just don't obey flags or signs about dangerous swimming conditions?! Can only do so much, I guess.

  2. that cool weather would suit me just fine too. i've had it with this summer. every day we are in the 90's.

    1. All I can say is that we are very fortunate to live so near the coast.....3 minutes by car to beaches!! But you may be surprised the temperature difference in that short distance....a least 5 degrees.

  3. Your Saturday morning post is making me long to get to Nova Scotia ~ so many wonderful things to connect with in these photos, Jim! Some people take such crazy risks ~ I think they must think "It won't happen to me." Unfortunately, sometimes bad things do. And sometimes it's hard for me to get beyond thinking "natural consequences" as I shake my head. Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

    1. Pretty soon, Louise, you will be here!!
      I hear you about those risk takers! yet another was taken away at Peggy's Cove this year!!
      Having a wonderful weekend, thanks. Hope you guys are enjoying yours..
      See you soon!!

  4. OMG that strawberry pie looks good! Love the little rock holding up the big rock. Sometimes that's how the weight of the world feels, doesn't it.

    1. That strawberry pie was GOOD, Debra! 2nds please, sir.
      I would like to think that that little rock (maybe a lot smaller now) has been holding up the bigger one since the last retreat of the 'ice-age'. But I better check with the 'experts' on this one!!

  5. Replies
    1. Ask and you shall (not) receive! They would be dust by the time you got them, John!
      But they would liven up any kitchen, eh?

  6. What a wonderful collection, Jim! So much colour in these images. But that's summer for you, eh? And OHMYGOSH...that pie. Mmmm...

    1. Yes, summer is jammed packed with colour, so good for our senses, Martha.
      That pie was delicious indeed!
      Have a great day.

  7. Good morning, what a cool spot that is with all the rocks-is this in Canada? mmmmm the pie looks sooo delicious and with an almond crust love that

    1. Hi Kathy. yes, this spot is in Nova Scotia at a location called Peggy's cove.....which is noted for its HUGE granite rocks and rough seas. It is very dangerous to get too close to the water's edge as the waves can surprise you and take you out!! Happens on a regular basis to tourists mostly who do not take heed of the sings.
      I knew you would appreciate this pie, Kathy!!

  8. I enjoyed all the lovely photos on this Saturday post, looks like you had a lovely week, I have missed a few of your posts as we have had the second set of vacationers staying with us so no computer time for me, more are expected in September that's what happens when you live on the coast hey, I really enjoy showing every one around never a dull moment.

    Have a good week,

  9. What great photos today, Jim. Yum to that pie! I like cool, so your misty photos have great appeal. Those rocks are wonderful.


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