Thursday, August 20, 2015

To Think Or Not To Think....That Is The Question

I have always been told that I think too much.
I could never understand this.
It is just the way I am 'made up' and is mostly beyond my control.

I do, however, understand this a little more when I am standing on this hill
and looking down at this scene.

What's there to think about?
Just allowing it to envelop me.

What is your way of relaxing your mind and just letting things go?


  1. Walking ! and if nothing else it is a great way for me to sort things out in my head

  2. By focusing on one of my happiest ideas/goals or dreams and allowing my mind to run with it,my mind releases all other mental clutter.No matter what I'm doing,I'm enjoying those moments.The big bonus is...creativity usually creeps in and I feel productive in a fun way.This has become my favorite new habit.^j^

  3. Nothing wrong with that, Jim. My mind is just as active. But when I'm out and about in nature with camera in hand, I only think about the beautiful surroundings and the miracle of life. Everything else that's been running through my mind is silenced.

  4. Being in nature does it for me too.

  5. Classical music is a good way for me because I don't know enough about music to analyze it, much less over-analyze it. I just listen to it intuitively and emotionally.

  6. Being behind a camera or knitting as well as walking out in nature really helps to clear and slow my mind. I tend to overthink and analyze things too much so it's really good when I can focus on some of the beauty that has been created for us to enjoy..... I love your header picture....

  7. i think too much too but it might be ADD. whatever!

  8. Being OCD, my mind gets caught in a loop, and I struggle to take that deep breath and let go. Which is why I need to just get outside, take a hot bath, a lunch, or dinner out with friends really helps me to get my balance.


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