Friday, August 28, 2015

Alyce in 'Wonderland'

A couple of days ago, Ron and I visited a friend in Halifax 
who had recently moved into her new'home'.

Her name is Alyce and I have known her since the late 60's.
At that time I dated her daughter and was always at their place.

Alyce is from Halifax and grew up as a child in the area she has just moved into.

Due to health issues over the past year, 
she has had to give up her beautiful condo overlooking Halifax Harbour.

So this move was a difficult one for her.
Alyce is a sweetheart and she hasn't changed all that much over the years.
She is still feisty and actively expresses her opinions on everything
like she used to years ago.

Myself and Alyce

It was a surprise visit and luckily she was home.
She took us on a tour of her building
which looks like the inside of a fancy resort villa.
Everything she would ever need is there.

I asked what she thought of the place and she replied
that she liked her home a lot better.
We totally understood.

We had a few laughs and solved a few 'world problems'
and agreed to come back and try out the restaurant's menu.
I tell you, the place is unbelievable.

Ron and Alyce.

We had lost touch over the years and by chance met Alyce and her daughter
a few years ago at a restaurant. We all get together when the daughter is in town.
And hope to next month when Alyce will be celebrating her 90th birthday.

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