Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Free Time Troopers

Visited Halifax's new Central Library yesterday morning.
Click the above link and take a look/tour of this incredible building.

We had most of the day off yesterday as Sophie had dental surgery.
We dropped her off at 8 AM and picked her up at 5 PM.
She got through things very well and was a trooper through it all.

So, we had a chance explore city centre, have a great breakfast 
and visit a good friend of ours, Alyce, who is in a very posh
and new senior's residence. It is unbelievable!
We both want to be her room mates there!!

It was good to have some 'free time'.

I just couldn't control myself when I saw this photo of the library.
It SCREAMED to be edited!!
Would make a nice hooked rug or 'painting',
don't you think?


  1. Cool photo! All the glass and your editing produces a neat effect.

    1. Glass reflecting really helps a lot, Debra.
      It was fun!

  2. nice photos. what did sophie have done?

    1. Thanks Joyce.
      Sophie had a back upper molar repaired that she had cracked when she was chewing a bone.
      She is doing fine today but can't have anything to chew for a month!! No more 'safe' bones for her ever. She is not a happy camper about that!

  3. Wow! Awesome photo, Jim! But it's beyond my rug hooking skills right now. btw, what photo editing program or do you use to get these creative effects? If you had breakfast at Cora's, I'm really jealous! Hope Ms SD is feeling a lot better today!

    1. Thanks Louise.
      Oh.., just an idea for a winter project for someone!!
      I used Picasa editing system with full strength HDR. Amazing what one can do, eh?
      Cora's in Halifax's downtown is our favourite.
      Sophie is feeling a lot better, thank you.

  4. Youve posted the inside of the place havent ypu jimbo..i loved it

    1. Yes I did John.The outside is just as intersting.
      Sorry to hear about Bingley!! How did I miss that?! I always liked him!


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