Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Free Time Troopers

Visited Halifax's new Central Library yesterday morning.
Click the above link and take a look/tour of this incredible building.

We had most of the day off yesterday as Sophie had dental surgery.
We dropped her off at 8 AM and picked her up at 5 PM.
She got through things very well and was a trooper through it all.

So, we had a chance explore city centre, have a great breakfast 
and visit a good friend of ours, Alyce, who is in a very posh
and new senior's residence. It is unbelievable!
We both want to be her room mates there!!

It was good to have some 'free time'.

I just couldn't control myself when I saw this photo of the library.
It SCREAMED to be edited!!
Would make a nice hooked rug or 'painting',
don't you think?

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