Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

From Ducks to Sombreros........

Sophie making her way to the river.

Two, matching mid-20th century tables I bought this week.

Sir Robert Burns in Victoria Park in Halifax.

This retro chair was also purchased with those tables.

Main entrance to the Halifax Public Gardens.

 Got this Mexican Boy Scouts hat/sombrero at an estate sale this week.
The fellow having the sale told me he traded at an international Scouts Jamboree
in Ontario in the early 1950's.
It is in excellent condition.But doesn't fit my BIG head!!

At the river one morning in the fog.

'The ducks are on the pond'.
I had a high school vice principal who said this to us students
on a very regular basis.

Strolling along the river and beach.

 MacDonald House.....

Well hello there!

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