Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Here comes summer......

The old big house in which my shop is located
also has a pre-school. One of their yearly customs
is to have the local fire department show the kids
the fire truck and and how to use the hose.

This is the Acadian flag as we were leaving 
La Cuisine de Bridgette yesterday morning
after having an Acadian breakfast of fish cakes/baked beans/eggs.

This field of grass was swaying in the wind the other day
as we headed up the hill.

On the way back down the hill
I 'caught' Ron soaking in the surroundings.

This is Sophie smiling!
She was at one of her very favourite places this week.....
Peggy's Cove area along the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

A month ago we noticed that a HUGE fishing net
had come ashore at the beach.
This week a couple of dozen volunteer surfers
arrived and cleaned up the entire beach area
along with this net!
Kudos to them!

......meanwhile back near Peggy's Cove high up on a rock.....

This bee looked 'drunk' with nectar from this Rhododendron blossom.

......a future Rhododendron blossom

'From My Perch' on Sunday....

Let me tell you all that traversing across/up/down these huge boulders
near Peggy's Cove is quite the workout.
This was the first year in a few years that Ron could 
easily manage this challenging hike.
He got an excellent medical report this week.

These are but two of many 'kite-surfers' 
that were criss-crossing the waters in front of me at the shop.

On leaving Peggy's Cove Tuesday,
we came across this little fishing hamlet with its charming out-buildings.

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