Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Here comes summer......

The old big house in which my shop is located
also has a pre-school. One of their yearly customs
is to have the local fire department show the kids
the fire truck and and how to use the hose.

This is the Acadian flag as we were leaving 
La Cuisine de Bridgette yesterday morning
after having an Acadian breakfast of fish cakes/baked beans/eggs.

This field of grass was swaying in the wind the other day
as we headed up the hill.

On the way back down the hill
I 'caught' Ron soaking in the surroundings.

This is Sophie smiling!
She was at one of her very favourite places this week.....
Peggy's Cove area along the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

A month ago we noticed that a HUGE fishing net
had come ashore at the beach.
This week a couple of dozen volunteer surfers
arrived and cleaned up the entire beach area
along with this net!
Kudos to them!

......meanwhile back near Peggy's Cove high up on a rock.....

This bee looked 'drunk' with nectar from this Rhododendron blossom.

......a future Rhododendron blossom

'From My Perch' on Sunday....

Let me tell you all that traversing across/up/down these huge boulders
near Peggy's Cove is quite the workout.
This was the first year in a few years that Ron could 
easily manage this challenging hike.
He got an excellent medical report this week.

These are but two of many 'kite-surfers' 
that were criss-crossing the waters in front of me at the shop.

On leaving Peggy's Cove Tuesday,
we came across this little fishing hamlet with its charming out-buildings.


  1. I could come and live at Peggy's Cove so easily, beautiful sunny days and the water nearby.

    1. Summers are wonderful here, Jean. Winters are a bit tricky.....cold, icy, snow blowing everywhere.
      You/Hugh and your quilts would be a huge hit here in one of these huts/shacks.

  2. Such a paradise with wonderful people... and Sophie.

    1. Oh Mitch, you make us blush!! And Sophie would lick you till there's no tomorrow!!

  3. Looks like Sophie has had her "summer cut!" Glad to hear that Ron is back in top form.

    1. She has, Debra. In fact we have it this way most of the much easier to care for.
      Yes, Ron is back and full of energy once again.

  4. Good morning Saturday-awesome photos as always-enjoy summer!! I recently got back from my trip to Yellowstone Park-so gorgeous out there

    1. Hey Kathy! Good to see you!
      I hear Yellowstone is a great place! Lucky you.
      I better check in with you blog to check out your garden this year!!

  5. Now I feel even better seeing all these pictures from OUR week ~~ LOVE!!

    1. A good week all round....wouldn't you say?

  6. way to go ron! great news! woot woot!!!

  7. It's wonderful to hear that Ron got a good medical report! And I'm glad to hear that he is tackling those big granite boulders more easily. I loved that hike we all did together last summer! I had our local firemen come to our school many times over the years, and we went on a number of walking field trips to the local fire station. Kids always love firemen and firetrucks ~ but these kiddos got to use the hose ~ something ours never did. One of the reasons our firemen like to come to schools is so that kids become familiar with seeing them in their gear and won't be frightened by the sight of them if they're trapped in a fire and have to be rescued. Wonderful photos, as always. I can see that grass swaying in the breezes. Summer is the best! Have a great day, my friend!

    1. Yes, Louise, Ron is back!!
      I love this time of year as long as it doesn't get too hot/humid.
      Have a good weekend and week!

  8. Thanks for these wonderful pictures. They show me, stuck here in the deserty mountains, the way summer should look and be. Not looking forward to three hot and dry and scary (fire) months. I am so happy to hear about Ron's good report. You guys live such healthy lives, which should really help also. All those walks on the beach, they have to help both of you stay healthy.

  9. Hi Inger. Maybe it won't be as bad this year due to all the rain in the winter/spring. Here's hoping anyway!
    We don't know what we would do without the beach walks. We are lucky to have them but a 3 minute drive from us.
    Always so good to see you here.

  10. Great shots and a great week. What fun for the kids with the fire department! And so happy to hear how well Ron is doing. That's the best news of all. Sophie is looking beautiful, as always. 🐕

  11. Wonderful selection of photos this week as usual Sophie steals the show, those little children are adorable and kudos to the clean up crew A good bill of health way to go Ron, wishing you both and Sophie another adventurous week ahead.


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