Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Slim pickins this week as far as 'outdoors' shots go,
I had a 'cold from hades' and a series of 'silent migraines' to boot!
I figure my 'trigger' for these migraines is the barometric pressure
which was oppressive that day at the shop....which I didn't open
due to the 'light show'.

Let's go back to 1976 for this one.
This is Ron and Paulette and they both volunteered
to give me a hand at a provincial camp for kids in the Valley.
I had my very first class there for a few days.

Bought this large framed print for the shop.
It is by Jack Vettriano of Scotland and is called 'The Singing Butler'.
I liked the beach theme which is very appropriate.

On way to work Monday passing 'my tree' on the Salt Marsh Trail.

We do live in a very 'busy' world.

As soon as I got this phone for the shop I dialed my childhood number.
A flood of memories raced back listening to the dial as I dialed each number.
Just the whole 'phone experience' was so different from today.......
not better, just different.

White Rugosa Rosa blossom in the garden.......scent is so wonderful.

In 1960 I was 12 years old and I think I joined the Boy Scouts that year.
I lasted only for one 'session'.
I just didn't fit into the program.....let's leave it at that.
This calendar is in the shop.

This very old photo of a little boy I believe is one of the British princes from that era,
is in the shop and has a mysteriousness about it......maybe even a creepiness.

Again from the shop....these little 'Peg Dolls'.

Giddy-up......this is 'Thunderbolt'....a very popular toy for some
back in the early 60's.


  1. We met a man who became a friend, when Hugh and I were on holiday. We had a bonfire on the lake side one night, and he said " I joined the scouts for 3 days, the day I joined, the day of the bonfire and the day I left". Headaches, barometric pressure is a well known starter. Dark room, ice cold compress, very quiet, and have a bucket handy, lots better than a mop later on!!!

    1. Guess I wasn't alone as far as fitting into scouts. It was just too regimented for me.
      I don't have the 'classic' and more serious (according to my doctor) kind of headache to speak of but a lot of disorientation visually. I have heard of using ice and will give it a try next time, Jean.

  2. Second lot of words. We were on a party line when I was a child, dial phone on the wall on a wooden stand. 325D, so one long and two shorts!!! That was in the 1940's and'50's.!!!

    1. Just missed the 'party line' period, Jean. Back then we had one phone (maybe an extension) for, get this, 2 parents, 9 kids, an uncle and a grandmother. Now, each would have their own. Technology is taking control!! lol

  3. So much magic in these photos starting with the memory from 1976. I love that you dialed your childhood phone number. i would do the same. I joined the Boy Scouts in 1964 because my father decided to be Scout Master. I was NOT a happy camper. I was grateful he only lasted a year because of work demands. I left a few months later.

    1. PHEW! Lucky for you, Mitch! I knew I wouldn't last as I watched the other guys really enjoying themselves and knowing what to do. I figured I was a freak of some sort!! lol
      I liked the dial phones....I could almost tell what number was being dialed by the amount of time it would take for the dial to 'return' to stationary position.....kapeesh?

  4. omg...ron doesn't look much different!

    1. That he doesn't, Joyce. He has the 'youthful genes' of his mother.

  5. 996 is my childhood number which changed to 25519 which then changed to 542-5519

    Loved my phone number ~ short and sweet.

    Scouts was a one nighter for me ~ it rained that night, actually poured and from that day on that's how I remember Scouts.
    Ron ~ the tartan shirted guy in the 1st picture I see!!!

    1. Scouts is just one of the 'things' we have in common....right? But I must say that TARTAN was not one of them!!

  6. I still remember my childhood phone number too: 365-W. We were on a party line with our next-door neighbours, who were 365-J. And we didn't get rotary phones in southwestern Manitoba until the 1970s! We had to go through a real live operator to call someone. Jeez, those were the days. And now, I've had my new cellphone number for 3 years and half the time, I still can't remember it. What the hell's up with that? Aging sux!

    1. You mean just like 'Ernestine'/Lily Tomlin?!!
      When we got rid of our 'landline', Debra, I kept that number for my cell never had to memorize a new one! phew!

  7. It's funny how some objects take us way back in time. I spent hours on that type of phone with friends and boyfriends way back when. So many memories!

    1. Maybe that is why I sell these old phones so quickly at the shop because people relate to them so readily, Martha.

  8. I love that Singing Butler painting, it's gorgeous.

  9. Lovely post today, nice to take old photos out of the box or look at them in albums before the digital age, but I must say I love my digital camera and the delete button on the computer.
    I have two dial phones in my house and actually use them one right beside my computer I can see why they sell fast. I remember every phone call used to cost 10 cents, my mom had a bowl to put the 10 cents in and long distance was not even thought of.

    Enjoy your week.

  10. I'm sorry that you were dealing with a cold and migraines, Jim! No fun! But you still managed to come up with interesting photos. I had forgotten all about Thunderbolt! I have a favorite tree too, a big cottonwood. Sadly it toppled over about ten years ago. It's interesting to watch what happens to it over time. I miss those dial telephones. They were a lot more fun! Your post brought back so many memories today. Thanks!


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