Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Slim pickins this week as far as 'outdoors' shots go,
I had a 'cold from hades' and a series of 'silent migraines' to boot!
I figure my 'trigger' for these migraines is the barometric pressure
which was oppressive that day at the shop....which I didn't open
due to the 'light show'.

Let's go back to 1976 for this one.
This is Ron and Paulette and they both volunteered
to give me a hand at a provincial camp for kids in the Valley.
I had my very first class there for a few days.

Bought this large framed print for the shop.
It is by Jack Vettriano of Scotland and is called 'The Singing Butler'.
I liked the beach theme which is very appropriate.

On way to work Monday passing 'my tree' on the Salt Marsh Trail.

We do live in a very 'busy' world.

As soon as I got this phone for the shop I dialed my childhood number.
A flood of memories raced back listening to the dial as I dialed each number.
Just the whole 'phone experience' was so different from today.......
not better, just different.

White Rugosa Rosa blossom in the garden.......scent is so wonderful.

In 1960 I was 12 years old and I think I joined the Boy Scouts that year.
I lasted only for one 'session'.
I just didn't fit into the program.....let's leave it at that.
This calendar is in the shop.

This very old photo of a little boy I believe is one of the British princes from that era,
is in the shop and has a mysteriousness about it......maybe even a creepiness.

Again from the shop....these little 'Peg Dolls'.

Giddy-up......this is 'Thunderbolt'....a very popular toy for some
back in the early 60's.

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