Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Here we are in June!

These tulips were from Ron's mother's garden.
We dug them up in 1998 and planted them here.
They have bloomed every year.

When I retired from teaching I gave myself a gift
of 100 French red tulips.
They came up the first year only.
Tulips aren't like what they were.

My favourite tree along the Salt Marsh Trail.....

Following the leader along the Atlantic View Trail.....

An aerial view of the shop....

Purchased this painting this week without knowing the artist.
I am searching but with not too much success.
I was drawn into those eyes.

Ron and Sophie.......

A 'Red-Winged Black Bird'......

We don't have mountains in our part of Nova Scotia
but we do have hills.
This is Hawkins Hill along the Atlantic trail.
The view from up there is quite nice.

A view along the trail of which I never tire.....

On our way up Hawkins Hill at the eastern end of the beach.....

My handsome husband.....

A lot of cyclists 'do the loop' on this stretch of the Eastern Shore 
starting this time of year and into the fall.

Our 'Teddy Bear' rhododendron is the first of our rhodos to bloom.

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