Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

Hey, it's summer!!!

Blue sky, clouds, bleachers and grass all together caught my attention....

From my perch at the shop on Wednesday.....

Wild Rugosa Rosa at the park.....

Tennis anyone?

Our Tree Peony is blooming as I type!
It doesn't bloom every year.......we are excited!!

Our Wisteria is finally showing itself off.

This is one of our Clematis called 'Moonlight'.

Summer Solstice Full Moon this past week......

'Lady Bug, Lady Bug fly away home......'

We were very pleased to come across these 'Lady Slippers' 
at the park in Halifax on Thursday. They are 'protected' by law
and cannot be picked/moved.

They are truly unusual in their beauty.....

This scene reminded me of a modern-day George Seurat setting/painting.

The highlight of the father's 100th birthday.
Here he is with his great-grand-daughter, Annie May.


  1. Good morning Saturday and Happy Summer!

    1. Hi Kathy. And a good day and happy summer to you too.

  2. Annie May and your dad are beautiful together.


    1. Dad has a special bond with Annie May and her sister, Cameron, since they were born. Their mother brings them both to see Dad whenever they are in town.

  3. I have not seen wild ladyslippers since I was a kid nearly 50 years ago. But I still remember the excitement of discovering it!

    1. They do seem like quite an exotic/pre-historic plant, don't they Debra.
      We were surprised that we found them where we did but later remembered they were in or near the same spot a few years back.

  4. I'm making progress, Jim! I'm actually seeing your Saturday post on Saturday! I love your Saturday Morning posts, and I make sure I catch them all. I got a kick out of Ron photographing the lady slipper! He really gets down and dirty when it comes to his photography!

    I loved your photo of the Summer Solstice full moon. We couldn't see it here because it was very cloudy.

    My great grandmother had what she called her "Jesus Garden." It was made of wildflowers she brought home from all around Smith's Cove. She managed to transplant lady slippers successfully into her garden. They weren't protected then.

    I hope you are enjoying a great summer weekend! Sending you and Ron hugs, and sending SD a belly rub!

    1. Hi Louise! I like doing my Saturday posts as well....a chance to review the week.

      I bet your great-grandmother's garden was nice. I love wildflowers. She must have been a good gardener to be able to transplant those wild ones......can be tricky at the best of times.

      We are having a good summer weekend....staying busy.

      Hugs to you as well and looking forward to seeing you.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mark. It is our best year of blossoms so far, our climate can be somewhat challenging for Wisteria.

  6. Wonderful selection, Jim. My favourite this week is the last one of your dad and his great-granddaughter. Such a precious capture.

    1. I just happened to be near them at the time, Martha and just started clicking 'we' do, eh?!!

  7. such beautiful photos. i love lady slippers. the pic of your dad is the best!

    1. Thanks, Joyce!
      Yes, Lady Slippers are special for sure.
      My Dad and Annie May have a connection that they cherish. he has a way with kids......always did.

  8. The beauty of nature and great-grandpa and Annie May. What more could we ask for!?!


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