Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Sisters Made Me Gay!

I was the 'third born' in a family of nine kids. My Dad got the baseball team he always wanted! lol

Having two older sisters I always found myself in unusual, but strangely comfy,  situations. Some I didn't object being the 'practice' dance partner before Friday night dances. 

Some situations I probably should have run the other way! But I didn't. I chose to go along with their requests. It felt very natural and not foreign at all.

Take for example this scenario at the age of 12 :

Marilyn: " Jimmie I really need you to go downtown and get me something before I go out and I need them now !!"
Jimmie: "But I have something I have to do!"
Marilyn: " I'll pay you and give you the bus fare."
Jimmie: " OK. What do you want and where do I go?"
Marilyn: "Reitman's Lady's Wear" for a pair of nylons. And I want Autumn Leaves, size large."


And away I went on the number 3 bus to downtown Halifax on several Saturday evenings.

Then there were those 'regular' monthly requests from Jo-Ann:

"Jimmie please run down to the drugstore for me."
Jimmie after several 'runs': " Let me guess, Special K?"
Jo-Ann: "Yes, thanks!"

And away I went. I always wondered what the big secret was!


You know, I really didn't think twice about doing any of these things and many other things for my sisters. I never questioned where or what it was.

Goes to show you that some things are already predetermined for us.

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