Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And The Winner Is....Spring, By A Mile!

That's right folks, Spring has beaten Winter this year along the eastern shore and Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia!

          The mouth of Halifax Harbour as seen from Point Pleasant Park.

It has happened a couple times before. It is not a common occurrence around these parts.

         A way to go yet, but snow.

Winter didn't put on much of a show this year. During the past couple of months it was obvious that spring was gaining the upper hand over winter.

        You can see the reddish hue of the potential buds.

Winter was weak  and evidently was lacking the training needed to make/leave an impression.

        Where are the people on this bench? Good question!

Spring has been persistent and held on to it's advantage. It didn't once give up it's lead....mind you today was a close call with that shortly-lived snow squall moving through.

        OK, Ron is wearing a hat and's all relative people!

So here's to Spring, the mostly forgotten and often beaten-up season of the year. Welcome!

                              Sophie finds a stream to cool her feet!

I wish I had photos to match the sentiment, (like daffodils and croci popping up all over) but you will have to trust me on this one. It is still February! 

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