Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Hello summer!!!

It is very typical here in Nova Scotia to not have a 'spring' at all.
One day it can be 3C and the next 33C.

Everything is 'greening up' very quickly....everywhere.

Our Jade plant is growing like gang-busters....must be the coffee  I feed it!

Glorious day at the beach yesterday morning....Ron and Sophie.

Remains of an old British fort at the park....

Looking west on the beach yesterday......

The squirrels are really quite tame at the park.

 Looking east on the beach.....

Sunset on the 'hill' Thursday evening.....

Our 'Star Magnolia' full bloom......the insects are loving it!

It was a true coincidence that I put this framed 'Jacques Cartier
Erects the Cross' print in the shop on the 375th anniversary
of his 'founding' of Quebec.

Same sunset....different angle

The backs of blossoms can be just as interesting......Star Magnolia

Have a great weekend everyone!

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