Sunday, May 14, 2017

Eclectic Tastes

This song was probably my mother's favourite.
And this one by Patti Page was probably the one she heard most
back in the early 50's.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone.


  1. I remember so well, one of my favourites too. I know you have both had a visit, with memories there at the gravesides. My Mum is too far away, but was in my thoughts all day. Thanks for a wonderful song with that beautiful voice to end our Sunday down here.

  2. Your are most welcome, Jean.

  3. A beautiful classic, one of my faves too.

  4. Beautiful timeless song loved by many, thank you Jim I can imagine my inlaws dancing to this one.

  5. This song was very popular at the dances Terry and I went to in Bullhead City, and I came to really enjoy it. This was a lovely version, but slower than what I danced to.


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