Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Out and about......

Taken from the shop....these surfers were checking out the conditions.

I 'found' this wonderful  'folding table and chair' set this week.
It was made in London, Ontario back in the '40's.
It is heading to the shop soon.

....down on the boardwalk....

We have a small Acadian community down the road from us.
There are about 34,000 Acadians in Nova Scotia.
That would be about 3.8 % of the population.
My great-great grandfather, Theodore Cuvelier,
was considered to be a 'late Acadian'.
He arrived after the deportation of the thousands of Acadians 
which started in 1755 and ended in 1763.

Must be SPRING! The cyclists have returned.

A green house.....

I love it when I don't drive!

Highway to nowhere?

We love 'our' trail down at the beach.
It is part of the 'Trans Canada Trail'
that stretches across our great country from coast to coast.

A 'nursing log' doing what it does best.

This is a chestnut bud just beginning to open....nature at it's best.

What a way to end the week!
This is one of a few of Egrets that are settling-in near the marsh
opposite the beach.
They are attracting a lot of attention.

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