Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Morning Post

Sticking to the shore this week......

As Ron was driving me to the shop on Wednesday,
the orange-red jacket caught my attention on the Salt Marsh Trail.

This elderly couple also caught my attention 
as they were manoeuvring the front steps to the MacDonald House.
I was very nervous for them both.
And yes, we need better accessibility for people with special needs.

I bought this painting a couple of years is quite large...41" X 29"

Yes it is spring but still chilly on the hill....Ron and Sophie.

Spectacular moody skies on Wednesday down near the beach.....

Here's another.....

Looking through shop window....

Crystal colour and light.......


  1. I love all your photos (as always), those amazing clouds, and that painting!

  2. Another great round. That is a really nice painting. Very interesting. And yes, we definitely need more (and better) accessibility for people with special needs. It's shameful that we don't.

  3. Beautiful photos love the one of Ron and Sophie.

  4. I really fell apart with blogging and visiting these past ten days or so. I'm so glad that I didn't miss these awesome shots. I see now where those Monday clouds came from!

  5. What a great view out of your shop window, and love how you have captured the vase. Also bet that crystal makes some nice light designs!


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